TouchTime - developments in hybrid enterprises, is an Antwerp based cooperative organization for arts production, management and policy.

Inspired by Ritsaert ten Cate's Amsterdam based TouchTime, the co-operation was founded by Bruno Verbergt.

More on the Bookmine project.

TouchTime is a studio with irregular opening hours and without a fixed address. It is an example of developments in hybrid enterprises. A gallery? Maybe. A shop? Probably not. A workspace with opening hours? Again, probably not. Sorry.  

There are no works on show for the moment.

In winter and spring 2015, works by Ritsaert ten Cate and Roberto Schiavi were presented at TouchTime @monty, Antwerpen. Also in 2015 bolwerK (Marthe Van Dessel and Pieter Heremans) developed a concept for an art&strategy environment for libraries ("De bib is een server").

In 2015 Michiel Alberts made a special edition, "Catastrophe. 20 Flowers".

In 2016 bolwerK created "Captcha" for TouchTime.

ROBERTO SCHIAVI (Italy, 1968, works and lives in Antwerp) Het huiswerkje (Il compitino - speed-light machine) (Little homework - speed-light machine), 2006, ink and pencil on brown paper. The drawing is a 10 meter long work that shows how, through a mechanism of small and big wheels, a 33 rpm turntable can generate the speed of light. 

RITSAERT TEN CATE (The Netherlands, 1938-2008) Zwaan (Swan), 2003 (colourprint). This work is a large size picture of a sculpture made by Ritsaert ten Cate for his exhibition '1,2,3,4 testing testing' at Rijksacademie, Amsterdam.